wear your heart

on your walls

Children grow so fast; it seems only yesterday I was walking mine to and from infant school.  Now they have both left home, with my youngest working in Bath, where he graduated.

Each morning as I walk down stairs, in my empty nest, I am met by this framed photograph; it makes me smile, almost forget the hideous wallpaper and genuinely lifts my spirits.

This is why I’m passionate about providing beautifully framed photographs… your photographs give so much joy, grow more precious with each passing year and deserve to be more than a series of ones and zeros on a hard-drive or in a cloud.

I’m not a complete Luddite; so digital files are available in collections with the purchase of something gorgeous for your walls… Perfect for sharing with family.

If you like me are a huge softie that adores and values beautiful family photography on their walls and in their life; then I’m probably the photographer for you!

Information on products can be found HERE>>