At your viewing and ordering appointment we will go through your images, help you decide on your favourites and how best to display them. Before the viewing it is a good idea to think about how you’d like to display your portraits and where in your home would benefit from a little unique interior design.

To help with your descision making I’ve invested in specialist software that takes some of the guesswork out of the process by giving you an idea of how your images will look on the walls of your own home. Just follow the steps below if you'd like to make use of this facility and send the photos a day or two before your viewing.



Babies and Children


Have a walk around your home and take photographs of any blank wall space in need of a little love. It doesn’t need to be perfect… a smartphone image will do (and might even be easiest because you can email it straight from your phone!)

Regardless of which camera you use, follow these tips to give the best backdrop to work with:

Shoot straight:

Stand directly in front of the wall and take the shot straight on. The software overlays the images in 2D, so images that are taken at an angle to the wall will not look as realistic as those taken straight on.

What to include:

Back up as much as you can to get more of the room details in the image. If your camera does not have a wide angle lens, your mobile phone may actually be preferable.



Time of day:

Though I can work with any image, photos with as much natural light as possible will look the most realistic. Try to take the images at the time of day when your rooms have the most natural light and avoid flash unless absolutely necessary.


To calibrate your room images, I need to know the exact width of any one object in the room. This could be the width of your sofa, fireplace, or any item that is up against the wall where your photographs will be displayed. It can even just be the ceiling height as long as the full height of the wall is displayed in the image.

Top tip:

If there isn’t anything on, or close to the wall to measure, just attach an A4 piece of paper to the wall before photographing - that can then be used as a guide when working out the scale of your image!

The really important bit!

Sorry to repeat myself but it's worth saying twice!

PLEASE avoid logos, bold patterns, red or large areas of other vibrant hues. Large areas of white or black can also be problematic in some lighting conditions so please bring a change or something to layer over the top.


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